...totally thinking about your child.

LeapforJoy Pre-school is a registered childcare and educational service business, established in January 2009 to provide quality daycare, nursery education, and after-school services. We are situated at 30 Araromi Street, Onike Yaba, Lagos with modern facilities tailored to meet the standards required for bringing up children in their formative years.

LeapforJoy offers a conducive play and learning environment under the loving and caring watch of dedicated, experienced, and qualified caregivers and tutors.

We believe that every child is unique in strength, and is also a potential asset to the society – hence the need for us to bring out the very best in every child for the benefit of all.

We are unique in our service offering based on our operating hours of 6:00 am to 9:00 pm (Mondays to Fridays). This affords the working parents a safe haven for their children while at work. We combine the touch and comfort of home with the secured learning environment of a school.

The pre-school is a “Home-Schooling” concept, which research has shown to be effective in offering parental guidance thereby inculcating morals whilst providing the necessary educational requirement that allows the child to compete with his or her peers in similar grade. In addition to the regular operating hours, LeapforJoy allows a little flexibility for parents who may seek child minding services in an emergency situation.

We value the views and inputs of our parents, carers, and visitors to our school. As stakeholders, we all work together to achieve greater success each day, and we are grateful for your continuous co-operation so far.

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