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LFJ Raven’s Brook School

…Christ is our Refuge.


Welcome to “(LFJ) Leap For Joy Ravens Brook” (Elementary) School.

The umbrella organization – Leap for Joy has developed “LFJ Ravens Brook” (Elementary) School as an offshoot of Leap For Joy Preschool.


Leap for Joy School was set up over ten years ago and has maintained a unique brand, carving a niche for itself in Early Childhood Education.


At “LFJ Ravens Brook (Elementary) School” our mission is to give your child an enriched learning experience that will stay with them through the elementary years and beyond.


Ravens Brook believes that every child can learn given the right environment and a team of experienced Staff.  To this end, the day to day affairs of the School will be run by a team of experienced educators: Mrs. Janet Ogba, Mrs. Bola Awe and Mrs. Enai Agodo.


Together, we have carefully drawn up plans to ensure that we work with you to provide a safe and secure school that will bring your child to full potential.  With our creative, practical and well-rounded curriculum we intend to deliver to you a child that is God fearing, excellent academically and intelligent with critical thinking skills.


We are excited to bring our strength, experience and successes over the past eleven years at Leap For Joy Preschool to bear at LFJ Ravens Brook” (Elementary) School.  It will be a nurturing environment with solid values and high academic standards, where well rounded and confident students will be raised.


You are your child’s most important and influential teacher and that is why we seek to partner with you during these elementary years.  Please join us, as we open our doors in September, 2020.


Yours faithfully,

for: LFJ Ravens Brook School

Mrs. Janet Ogba

Executive Director      



Leap For Joy Raven’s Brook School aims to:

  • Offer an age appropriate curriculum that includes life skills that promotes the child’s inherent ability.
  • Create a conducive & creative learning environment.
  • Develop a practical teaching approach with resources that are effective & evidence based.
  • To use innovative techniques in ICT to attain the best standard of education for the child.


The vision is two pronged; spiritual as well as academic

Spiritual: To raise God fearing individuals who are wise, disciplined and courageous.

Academic: To raise skilled and independent minded children.


Our aim is to educate the child to permanently increase his/her spiritual, moral, and academic well- being through a well rounded knowledge based curriculum.


Christ is our refuge


Our Values:
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Courage
  • Professionalism 
  • Creativity

Every Child is born with a great capacity for knowledge…

The Purpose of the teacher is to “draw out”, not to “cram in”. We must create interest in the heart and mind of the child that will help him reach out and take hold upon the things he is taught.

Henrietta C. Mears

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